Plenary lectures
Claude Brezinski- Survey of extrapolation methods for linear algebra problems
Philippe G. Ciarlet - A finite element method for intrinsic elasticity
Oleg Davydov - Bernstein-Bézier Moments and Computation of System Matrices in Finite Element Method
Kai Hormann - A Brief History of Subdivision Methods and an Outlook to Future Challenges
Christian Lubich - Convolution quadrature for wave propagation problems
Gradimir Milovanovic - Generalized weighted Birkhoff-Young quadratures with the maximal degree of precision
Gerhard Wanner - Discovery of Lagrange multipliers and Lagrange mechanics

Invited Talks
Francesco Altomare- Initial-boundary value problems for diffusion equations and approximation by positive linear operators
Dario A. Bini - Canonical factorizations and shift techniques with application to certain stochastic processes
Len Bos- Some Two Dimensional Generalizations of Berrut's Rational Interpolant
Andrea Laforgia- Simple proofs of classical results of special functions
Michela Redivo-Zaglia - Implementation and applications of Shanks transformation in a vector space
Yaroslav D. Sergeyev - Numerical computations with infinities and infinitesimals
Fiorella Sgallari - A generalized Krylov subspace method for lp -lq minimization
Ezio Venturino - Reliable separatrix calculation in competing population models

Contributed Talks
Lidia Aceto - Matrix approach to Appell polynomials
Alessandra Aimi - Efficient spline alternatives to Lagrangian basis in Symmetric Galerkin BEM
Carolina Beccari - Geometrically continuous piecewise quasi Chebyshevian splines
Marco Berardi - Richards'equation solution computed by means of EnKF combined with Brownian bridges
Silvia Bonettini - A variable metric inertial method for convex optimization
Tatiana Bubba - Numerical assessment of the ROI-CT problem with shearlet-based regularization
Alessandro Buccini - On nonstationary preconditioned iterative regularization methods for image deblurring
Isabel Caçăo - A hyperholomorphic approach to the construction of multidimensional Appell polynomial bases
Angelamaria Cardone - Numerical schemes specially tuned for some evolutionary problems
Kenier Castillo - On recurrence relations of Frobenius-type and some related questions
Roberto Cavoretto - Partition of unity interpolation using stable kernel-based techniques
Dajana Conte - On two-step continuous methods for Volterra Integral Equations
Mariantonia Cotronei - Hermite subdivision schemes and their polynomial-exponential reproduction properties
Maria Rosaria Capobianco - A fast algorithm for solving nonlinear hypersingular integral equation
Raffaele D'Ambrosio - Structure-preserving numerical methods for differential problems
Patricia Diaz de Alba - An algorithm for data inversion in electromagnetic sounding
Nicoletta Del Buono - Direct Event location techniques based on Adams multistep methods for discontinuous ODEs
Claudio Estatico - Nonlinear regularization by Conjugate Gradient method in Banach spaces
Luisa Fermo - Bound states computation for the nonlinear Schrödinger equation
Ardelio Galletti - Reconstruction of implicit curves and surfaces via RBF interpolation
Salvatore Ganci - A meshfree approach for brain activity source modeling
Carlo Garoni - Symbol Approach in IgA Matrix Analysis: from the Spectral Analysis to the Design of Fast Solvers
Roberto Garrappa - Numerical methods for Maxwell's equations in anomalous dielectrics of Havriliak-Negami type
Luca Guzzardi - A tensor extension of the bisection method
Gennaro Infante - Nontrivial solutions of systems of nonlocal Caputo fractional BVPs
Marzieh Eini Keleshteri - A Generalized Algebraic Approach to Bernoulli and q-Bernoulli Numbers and Polynomials
Maryam Khaksar Ghalati - A Fully Explicit Discontinuous Galerkin Scheme for Solving Maxwell's Equations in Anisotropic Materials
Dmitri Kvasov - Numerical methods for solving black-box global optimization problems
Concetta Laurita - On the numerical solution of integral equations of Mellin type
Petr Lukᚠ- Adaptive Techniques in SOLD methods
Helmuth R. Malonek - Hyperholomorphic Special Functions, their relations to multivariate Appell sequences and combinatorics
Stefano Massei - Exploiting rank structures in the cyclic reduction
Nicola Mastronardi - Anti-triangular matrices and symmetric rank-revealing factorizations
Mariarosa Mazza - Spectral analysis and structure preserving preconditioners for fractional diffusion equations
Eleonora Messina - Stability of numerical approximations to Volterra integral equations
Martina Moccaldi - Numerical solution of partial differential equations by IMEX methods based on non-polynomial fitting
Marat Mukhametzhanov - Examples of solving ODEs given as a Black-Box on the Infinity Computer
Federica Porta - A convergent least-squares regularized blind deconvolution approach
Leonardo Robol - A new class of rank structured linearizations for matrix polynomials
Fabio Roman - Spectral analysis of matrices in IgA Galerkin methods with GB-splines
Maria Grazia Russo - A Bivariate Generalized Bernstein Operator and its application to Fredholm Integral Equations
Ahmed Salam - Structured QR algorithms for Hamiltonian symmetric matrices
Alessandra Sestini - Bivariate Hierarchical Hermite spline Quasi-Interpolation
Hendrik Speleers - Effortless construction of hierarchical spline quasi-interpolants
Woula Themistoclakis - Error bounds for Gauss-Jacobi quadrature rules
Calogero Vetro - Admissible perturbations of α-ψ-pseudocontractive operators: convergence theorems
Joab Winkler - The QR decomposition and the computation of the GCD of two Bernstein polynomials
Pawel Wozny - Dual bases: construction and applications
Abdelmalek Zine - A dual-mixed finite element method for non-Newtonian fluid flow problems

Mariavittoria Altomare - A new determinant form of Bessel polynomials and application
Rossella Arcucci - Design of Scalable Data Assimilation Algorithms
Rosanna Caira - A new hybrid method of higher order for bvp of second order
Pierfranco Costabile - Mathematical models for solving the Shallow Water Equations applied to the study of urban flooding
Filomena Di Tommaso - Bivariate Shepard-Bernoulli operators
Elisabetta Longo - A unified matrix approach to polynomial sequences: orthogonal and Sheffer polynomials cases
Anna Napoli - A class of Lagrange-collocation methods for high order boundary value problems
Donatella Occorsio & Maria Carmela De Bonis- A method to approximate Hadamard finite part transforms on the positive semiaxis
Federico Piazzon - WAM: a Matlab package for polynomial fitting and interpolation on Weakly Admissible Meshes
Giada Serafini - Cubic Lidstone-Spline for numerical solution of BVPs
Calogero Vetro - Admissible perturbations of α-ψ-pseudocontractive operators: convergence theorems